"For the people called Quakers, the foundation of all religious belief is this: God, through Christ, has placed a guide in each person to show them their duty and provided each with the ability to follow that guide. . . This is the Friends' ancient, first and unchanging principle. This is the testimony they have made and will continue to make to the whole world." William Penn, 1696

Meeting room in Stout Meetinghouse, photo by Peggy Spohr

Who are Clear Creek Friends?

We are a community of caring people who worship, engage with our communities, and have fun together.

When and where do we meet?

We meet for worship every Sunday at 10:00 am in Stout Meetinghouse on the Earlham Campus. (See map below.)

What is Quaker worship like?

Our worship begins in silence, as we open our minds and hearts to God. One or more people may be moved by the Spirit to share a brief message with the meeting. Then we return to silence, to listen for what God is asking of us.

Who can take part?

We welcome everyone. No one has to believe any particular creed. We are all seekers and finders together.

What about children? 

Children of all ages are always welcome in worship. We know that a whole hour of worship is difficult for many children, so we also offer childcare. (Please see the Children tab for more details.)